VirtualBarter offers a mobile optimized website, VirtualBarter branded iPhone and Android apps, as well as custom branded and themed native apps.

Exchanges using the basic version of the vBarter software with the generic theme template can simply replace .com in their website address with .mobi to view and access their mobile optimized website with their logo and brand. 

Be sure to promote your .mobi app to members, as there's nothing to download or install, and it provides a quick and easy way to post transactions with any mobile device while on the go.

Exchanges can also promote the VirtualBarter iPhone app and Android apps, which can be downloaded from the app stores and installed on any mobile device.

If you prefer native apps that take advantage of the technology built into mobile devices, such as the phone to call a member, and GPS for location based search, custom apps branded with your logo and design image can be developed and submitted to the app stores.

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