I'm going to show you how to setup your new online exchange. Once you login to http://phoenix.vbarter.com, you will see the Main Menu options on the left side and your Profile on the top right. This article will address the Exchange Settings. 

Here's a Getting Started Checklist to help setup your exchange:

  • Configure Exchange Settings

  • Configure Tax Such as GST if Applicable

  • Enter Default Member Fees

  • Upload Your Logo

  • Select Single or Multi-page Join Form

  • Select Payment Options

  • Select a Payment Gateway to Process Credit Cards

  • Check Other Settings to Customize Features

  • Set-up Your Personal Profile

  • Upload an Image of Your Smiling Face

Now wasn't that easy?
OK, so you want to know just a little bit more. Right?
Here's the details...

Configure Exchange Settings

  • Click Exchange Settings on the Exchange Menu (Double Arrow Icon).

  • Click on each of the green bars to expand each section.

  • Click on the pencil on the right side of each setting to enter options.

Configure Tax Such as GST if Applicable

  • Tax on service fees is typically only for non-US based exchanges.

Enter Default Member Fees

  • Decide on the default fees for your exchange. 

  • Enter monthly trade and cash fees. 

  • Enter cash and trade transaction fees.

  • Enter interest on negative trade balances

  • Enter interest on past due cash fees.

  • Enter amount to charge for a late fee.

  • Enter how many days late to charge a late fee.

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