Pending Trades

This article will help you understand and troubleshoot pending trade transactions.

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A buyer's positive balance and credit line (available balance) as well as cash fees owed are checked when a member attempts a marketplace purchase or a seller posts a trade transaction to validate that they have sufficient trade and that their account is in good standing.

If the amount of the purchase or sale exceeds the buyer's available balance, or they have past die cash fees, then the member will receive a notice that the transaction is pending, and the transaction is added to Pending Trades. 

Posted transactions are also automatically added to Pending Trades if a buyer or seller in a  transaction is not set to Auto Approve. 

An exchange admin or broker can then approve or deny Pending Trades on the Transactions menu.

Transactions in Pending Trades are typically transactions that have an issue or are greater than the credit line. A pending trade transaction signals an admin or broker to check the account, possibly contact the member to discuss paying past due fees, a credit line increase, or assist to help them sell a product or service to get the trade n needed to complete the transaction. 

Note: Exchanges must have a default administrator account for any transactions to process, as a default admin account becomes the account that trade fees are deposited to. If you seem to be having an issue with transactions posting, check to be sure that your admin account is set to Default Admin status in Administrators on the Exchange Menu.

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