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The VirtualBarter Ecosystem

Learn more about the VirtualBarter technology platforms and ecosystem.

Quick Guide to VirtualBarter

Easy steps to get started using vBarter for an exchange.


Video tutorials detailing menus, features and functionality in VB Phoenix exchange management software. Visit often to view new videos.

Features and Settings

Learn about settings in VB Phoenix and Manage, and how they affect the functionality in your exchange.


View answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Help & Support

Learn about VirtualBarter's help and support services.

Best Practices

Articles to help you acquire members, engage with members, and grow your exchange.

Integrations & Enhancements

Enhance member's experience and satisfaction.

Merchant Accounts & Merchant Rewards

Enable credit card processing for your exchange, and for members.

Technology Platform

Web, mobile, commerce, gift card and voice technologies from VirtualBarter.


A guide to issues and how to resolve them.

News & Articles

A collection of relevant news and articles that can affect or help your business.

Trade Velocity

Articles and ideas to increase trade velocity, transactions and revenue.