Exchange Groups

Link your marketplace and member directory with other exchanges to expand trade opportunities.

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For subscription levels Pro and above, use Exchange Groups to increase transaction velocity.

With Exchange Groups, which is found on the Exchange menu, you have the option to link to other exchanges if desired. Linking with other exchanges expands the product and service availability to your members and enables you to market excess products and service in your exchange to other exchange members, which will increase your trade velocity and transaction fees.
You can link to 1 exchange, 2 exchanges, several exchanges, or all exchanges. But you aren't obligated to link, and you can change the Exchange Group settings anytime.
There are 4 ways to link: 

  • View members from other exchanges

  • View items from other exchanges

  • Show member directory to other exchanges

  • Show items to other exchanges.

To manage Exchange Groups settings, just uncheck All. Then move exchanges from the right side column to the left side column to disable linking or from the left side to the right side to enable linking.

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