Merchant Rewards

Reward merchant members and local businesses for accepting credit cards.

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Increase your trade velocity and transaction fees with the the Merchant Rewards program by offering Credit Card Merchant Accounts to your members that earn Merchant Reward Dollars just for accepting credit cards. 

The benefits to you and your members are unimaginable... 

  • Lower fees that will be less than they are currently paying on their merchant account.

  • You will be offering an enhanced business service to your members that will foster member retention.

Member Benefits:

  • Member's earn 1% Merchant Rewards (trade dollars) on all of their credit card processing.

  • Members can spend their Merchant Rewards on products and services in your exchange  

Exchange Benefits: 

  • Providing merchant accounts makes your exchange different and better than other competing exchanges.

  • Members will pay cash transaction fees when the Merchant Rewards are deposited to their account.

  • Members will pay cash transaction fees when they spend their Reward (barter) Dollars.

  • Your trade velocity and transaction fees will increase substantially. 

Here's how it works...

  • You market credit card merchant accounts that pays Merchant Rewards to your members.

  • Rewards based on the member's monthly credit card processing volume are automatically deposited to each members trade account in your exchange.

  • The trade dollars are posted from a Merchant Rewards account that you set-up in your exchange with a significant credit line.

  • You earn cash (sales) fees on the trade dollars deposited into member's accounts. You also earn cash (purchase) fees when they spend their Merchant Rewards.

  • Your exchange participates in the co-op rebate program as well as the Cash Equivalent Advance program, both of which generate large amounts of trade dollars to fund your Merchant Rewards program.

Interested in offering merchant accounts with Merchant Rewards to your members? Click the smile icon on the bottom right of your screen, and let's connect to discuss the details.

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