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Multiple offices or Sub zones

Setup offices or sub-zones to revenue share fees.

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If you own all of the sub-zones, then you can use the Office Location field on each member's account to filter the various sub-zones when running reports. 

But if you want to have enhanced functionality for franchises or licensed agents that own the exchange or are partners with you, and you want each to be a separately managed exchange that you can oversee and manage with one login, then you will want to use the Network or Clearinghouse version of the software.

With the Network or Clearinghouse software you can add as many separate exchanges as you want. In this way, each exchange can be separately managed, you can have unlimited brokers or agents in each exchange, you can manage commission structures and run separate reports for each exchange, etc. \

Network and Clearinghouse has a super-admin access level, so you can oversee or manage all exchanges with one login.

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