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Increase in-kind donations that fund cash requirements for non-profits and charities.

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With Donate Exchange, there's a New Way to increase in-kind donations for animal rescues, shelters, non-profits and charities.

When people buy donated products and services on DonateXchange.com, 100% of the net proceeds from sales is used to help homeless and helpless animals at rescues and shelters to get veterinary care and the medications they need to get healthy and survive

Non-profit Organizations, 501(c)3's and Charities can implement a white label version of Donate Exchange branded for their organization, mission and purpose. 

It's simple! Here's how it works...

  • Organizations and their volunteers promote their donation exchange to friends, family and local businesses.

  • Business owners that care about the mission and purpose, list product, service and gift certificate donations.

  • The 501(c)3 non-profit, provides donors with a donation certificate.

  • People buy the donated offers, and 100% of the net proceeds from sales is given to the charity, rescue or shelter that referred the donor. 

  • There can even be multiple rescues, shelters, or charities receiving donations from sponsored donors. 

  • When people and businesses list offers in the donation marketplace, they get free advertising for their business or service, and also show the local community that they care about the mission of the organization, or the welfare of animals. 

  • The tax deduction they may be able to claim for donations may save more on taxes than the actual cost of donated products or services.

Donating in-kind products and services is ideal for most businesses including restaurants and hotels, professionals such as dentists, attorneys and accountants. 

It's also beneficial to all types of service businesses, such as salons, massage therapists, electricians, plumbers, HVAC and auto mechanics, as they all have excess unsold capacity that through donations, can not only help animals, but also provide cash savings on their taxes.

Want to learn more? Let's connect. 

Send us a message by clicking the smile icon on the bottom right of your screen to discuss the details, or request an invite for a live presentation tour and demo.

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