With Merchant Rewards, merchants get paid to accept credit cards, and earn reward dollars with every sale. 

Exchanges increase transaction velocity, earn transaction fees on cash sales + earn a new revenue stream.

Merchant Rewards is the Premier Rewards Program for the Merchant Services Industry…

Merchant Rewards empowers businesses that accept Credit Cards to reduce their cash requirements for purchasing the products and services they need, and to increase sales through new marketing channels to new customers locally, across the nation, and throughout the world.

Merchant Rewards is the only Rewards program in the Merchant Services Industry…

Businesses that accept credit cards are paid 1% in Reward Dollars for every Visa and MasterCard sale (1% up to $50,000 per month in processing & 1/2% thereafter).

  • Spend Reward Dollars to reduce your corporate travel expenses, or take a long deserved vacation.

  • Advertise to promote your business or print new brochures.

  • Find a brilliant array of products and services available for purchase with Reward Dollars in the online marketplace.

  • Apply rewards to purchases in online stores

Save Cash and Pay with Rewards

There is no limit to the amount merchants can earn, and spending Reward Dollars is easy. Merchants can visit The Merchant Rewards online marketplace, spend rewards on an array of online stores, or review the special offers each week to find specific products and services they can purchase. Manage your Rewards Account online and network with thousands of other businesses throughout the country.

Save hard-earned cash. Use your Reward Dollars to buy products and services… for business or personal use:

  • Advertising – Print, Broadcast, Outdoor and Internet

  • Restaurants and Entertainment

  • Travel

  • Printing

  • Professional Services

  • Retail Stores

Take a vacation, dine at your favorite restaurant, advertise or print new brochures. Merchants will find an endless variety of products and services on the Merchant Rewards Online Marketplace.

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