Use segmentations to boost prospect to member conversions and increase trade transactions.

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The traditional way of building an email list is to have the same sign up form on all pages of your site, lumping all users together and sending them the same messages. Of course there must be a better way to go about it!

By segmenting your prospects or members — right from when they sign up — you can ensure that you’re able to send relevant, targeted messages to subscribers at the right time. 

In fact, segmentation is so powerful that, in a study, MarketingSherpa found that it is possible to boost conversion rates by up to 208 percent simply by sending targeted emails to segmented subscribers instead of sending the usual batch-and-blast messages. 

Data from Mailchimp also shows that segmented email campaigns usually result in 14.64 percent higher open rates and 60 percent higher click through rates.

Exchanges can improve their marketing messages and newsletters but using the advanced functionality in Intercom, a marketing automation and engagement application. 

Intercom is available as an optional integration with VB Phoenix, and can be used to send messages to predefined segments, or easily segment members using tags, and then direct marketing messages to members with specific tags.

Intercom integration is free with the Enterprise version of the VirtualBarter software, which provides the API connectivity to sync Intercom and VB Phoenix in real time.

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