Moving an Exchange to VirtualBarter

View the procedure to move an exchange to VirtualBarter software and member marketplace portal.

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Upgrading your member website to VirtualBarter's Reciprio Marketplace & Member Portal is painless. 

This article details the steps for a smooth transition.

  • Exchange provides all member’s cash and trade balances at close of business on any month on a spreadsheet.

  • VirtualBarter provides a welcome letter template which you can modify as desired.

  • The Welcome Letter is sent to each member with the website address, their temporary Username & Password.

  • If you’d like to use Automated Broker phone postings, the welcome letter will include member's Trade ID and the phone number to call for account balances and postings.

  • If updating to a new VirtualBarter website, you change the DNS of your website at your registrar to NS3.VBARTER.COM and NS4.VBARTER.COM after close of business.

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