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Email Setup

Details about email server and accounts set-up for custom marketplaces and exchanges.

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If you are using your own domain for your VB website or marketplace and have set your DNS to NS3.VBARTER.COM and NS4.VBARTER.COM, this article is for you.

Amazon SES is used for transactional emails sent from the VB software to assure reliability and deliverability of system emails sent to your members, brokers and administrators.

But for business and personal emails sent from your own domain, you will need to use an email service to setup and manage your email addresses.

Here's the skinny... 

Once you set the DNS at your registrar, all web and email traffic will be sent to the VB Domain Name Server (DNS). As you will want to route your email to your email server, we will need the MX Record details from your registrar to add to our DNS so that you can receive emails. 

Simply login to your account at your registrar, get the MX record specs and send them to us with a reply to this article.

If you don't have an email service yet, there's several popular low cost email services that include GoDaddy and Rackspace. Click the links to learn more:

You may wonder why VB can't host your business or personal email. 

We've tried providing the service, but since we can't control the emails being sent, in the past our IP address was blacklisted many times due to some exchange's emails. Blacklisting causes all sorts of issues for many exchanges. As it takes weeks to resolve blacklisting issues, we no longer provide business or personal email services.

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