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Restaurants can provide prepaid gift cards that you sell to members either online or via a broker. Restaurants can also list gift cards for sale on your VirtualBarter marketplace site and then mail a card to a member after a purchase. Or, members can just use their VB mobile app to pay a restaurant by selecting th member to pay, or by scanning a QR code to transfer the payment.

There's other ways as well that either require a subscription to a third party application or printing an inventory of gift cards. All of these solutions have an additional cost.

One platform generates a multi-use virtual gift card and sends it to a member via SMS, which they store in their mobile phone wallet. You can print a quantity of stored value gift cards that you send to members, which they can redeem at any restaurant. You can also use our gift card marketplace platform to display gift cards for multiple members, which can be offered for payment in trade, credit or debit cards, or crypto currency.

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