Getting Started With Your New Exchange

New to VirtualBarter and need to know where to start.

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I'm going to show you how to setup your new online exchange. Once you login to, you will see the Main Menu options on the left side and your Profile on the top right. This article will address the Exchange Settings. 

Here's a Getting Started Checklist to help setup your exchange:

  • Configure Exchange Settings

  • Configure Tax Such as GST if Applicable

  • Enter Default Member Fees

  • Upload Your Logo

  • Select Single or Multi-page Join Form

  • Select Payment Options

  • Select a Payment Gateway to Process Credit Cards

  • Check Other Settings to Customize Features

  • Set-up Your Personal Profile

  • Upload an Image of Your Smiling Face

Now wasn't that easy?
OK, so you want to know just a little bit more. Right?
Here's the details...

Configure Exchange Settings

  • Click Exchange Settings on the Exchange Menu (Double Arrow Icon).

  • Click on each of the green bars to expand each section.

  • Click on the pencil on the right side of each setting to enter options.

Configure Tax Such as GST if Applicable

  • Tax on service fees is typically only for non-US based exchanges.

Enter Default Member Fees

  • Decide on the default fees for your exchange. 

  • Enter monthly trade and cash fees. 

  • Enter cash and trade transaction fees.

  • Enter interest on negative trade balances

  • Enter interest on past due cash fees.

  • Enter amount to charge for a late fee.

  • Enter how many days late to charge a late fee.

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