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Failed Credit Card Charges
Failed Credit Card Charges

This article will explain why credit card charges fail when batch processing to WePay or other processors that require AVS.

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Most processors such as WePay and others that are security concious use AVS (Address Verification Service). 

If the address sent to a processor for validation when adding credit card details doesn’t match the billing address of the cardholder, then the member's credit card credentials cannot be validated.

If a different address or no address is provided, then credentials cannot be validated and all batch processing for the member will fail.

In VB Phoenix, the member's address is the physical address of the business, so that members can find it.

The mailing address finds are used for AVS as a credit card statement is not always sent to the business’s physical address.

For exchanges that are using WePay for processing, please be sure to enter the Mailing Address fields using the same address that the member has for the credit card.

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