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I Keep Getting Logged Off
I Keep Getting Logged Off

Solutions to getting logged off when you access the control panel and management menu.

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VirtualBarter Phoenix and the Reciprio commerce marketplace are built using the latest technologies from Google and Twitter Labs. 

Occasionally when a new version of a browser is released, especially with Internet Explorer, it may have incompatibilities with current web development technologies, and provide unstable results.

If you're being logged out and have to log back in, here's a troubleshooting guide to determine the issue.

  • Check to be sure you have the latest version of the browser.

  • Try using a different browser to determine if you still get logged out.

  • Check your connection speed at If it's less than 5Mbps download or 3Mbps upload, the logout issue is probably due to a very slow connection speed. Best to contact your ISP if you're not getting the speed you're paying for.

  • Try using a different computer, or tablet as the issue might be with your computer.

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