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Can't find a new member account
Can't find a new member account

This article will help you understand, prospects, new members, and approvals.

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If an admin, a broker, or a member signs up using the online business signup form on the member site, or in VB Phoenix admin site, then the account is added to the Approve folder.

After an account is approved by an Admin, the member can then login and access their account. 

Note: If your exchange has a custom Recipirio marketplace site, member or admin account access after login is found by clicking the Gear icon on the top left.

If a new member account is added using the social media signup or just their email address and password, then the member account is added to the Prospective Member folder instead of the Approve folder, as there isn't enough data fields provided to create a member account.

Note: Members cannot login until their account in the Approve folder or Prospective Member folder is approved by an admin, or converted from a Prospect to an Active member.

Convert a Prospect to a Member Account

To convert a Prospect to a Member, click View More from the Prospects Account menu, then change the Member Status from Prospective to New or Active by clicking the pencil icon. Note that required fields such as Company Name, Business Category, etc. were not provided during signup and should be added by an admin or by the member by completing their profile after login.

Note: Although a member can click on their name on the top right to complete their profile, the Gear icon for account access, the ability to search the member directory, purchase offers, or post transactions are not accessible until a company name is added and the account is converted from Prospect to Active or approved.

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