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Add or Edit Member Data Issues
Add or Edit Member Data Issues

If you can't seem to save member data when adding or editing data fields, here's some tips.

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Having issues adding or editing data fields using Manage Members?

Here’s some tips...

When you edit a data field, a message will display in the bottom right corner, either indicating that there is an issue that must be corrected, a data field is missing, or edits were successful.

Certain data fields are required fields. You cannot Save a member’s data unless all required fields are provided. 

Therefore, you may try to add one data field, and click save, but if there are other required data fields missing, the message on the bottom right corner of the screen will indicate which field is missing or has an issue.

You can add or edit several data fields, and when all data is provided and there’s no required fields missing, a Success message will display and all fields will be saved to the database.

Usernames must be unique in the entire VB system so when a member logs in, the application can determine which exchange they belong to.

Sometimes when you enter or edit a data field, the notice will indicate that the username must be unique, meaning there is another user already having the same username. 

In this case, simply change the username, which should resolve the issue and allow you to save the member data.

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