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This article will help you troubleshoot batch processing issues.

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If you have done a batch process but the funds didn't end up in your checking account within a day or two, there's an issue with your gateway/merchant account, gateway settings or the member's credit cards.

First, check your Payment Gateway settings on the Exchange Menu to be sure your gateway is selected. 

You can also login to your WePay or Gateway account to check if it is active, has bank account details, and if there was a successful transaction.

To check batch processing, click the Batch Processing on the Processing Menu, then the details button to the right of the batch . 

  • First thing to check if batches are indicating "failed" would be to confirm that there isn't a zip code or postal code mismatch. The member may have give you their business zip code, but the credit card might billing address might be their home zip code. 

Just like when using a credit card at a gas station, if the zip code on the member's account doesn't match the billing zip code, the charge will be declined and fail.

  • If the zip code is correct, there could be a CVV mismatch, or the CVV may be missing. Try reentering the credit card details and CVV number for the member in the Action buttons section, and then try the batch processing again. 

Changes can take up to 10 minutes to update, so give it a few minutes, rerun the batch and then check to determine if it was successful or not.

You might also want to try processing a different member’s charge to determine if there’s a card issue or a gateway issue. 

Click on the Smile icon on the right to let us know if you can't determine the issue and transactions are still failing, and we'll do our best to help.

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