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Add or Remove Broker or Admin Account
Add or Remove Broker or Admin Account

Check this article if you can't seem to add a broker or admin account.

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Before you can add a broker or admin account, you first have to add a member, then approve the member account. 

Then you can use Add Broker or Add Admin to convert a member account to an Admin or Broker account. 

NOTE: Each account can only have one status level: member, broker or admin. Therefore, when using Search to add a broker, or Admin there must be an available member account to convert to a broker or admin account.

To remove broker or admin status from an account, simply go to the admin or broker menu, then click remove. Note that when you remove broker status from an account, members broker assignments still remain linked.

If a new broker is replacing the management of the members previously assigned to a different broker, simply change the name of the broker and the email address on the account for the members to be assigned to the new broker.

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