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Adding Credit Card Details
Adding Credit Card Details

Getting a "Failed" notification when entering member payment details? Check this article.

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When entering or editing credit card details for a member, and you get a "Failed" notification, then this article is for you.

If you're merchant account is with WePay, and the issue only happens sometimes, yet when adding a credit card is successful with other members, then the issue is the member's credit card, not a software problem. 

When you enter credit card details, the data is transmitted to WePay for validation. WePay checks card numbers, CVV, exp. date, billing zip code, etc. 

WePay and VB utilizes a high security credit card storage process that eliminates any possibility of credit card theft. 

If all is OK with the card details, then WePay issues and returns a unique token to VB software, which we store for future processing instead of storing credit card numbers.

If there's any issue, a token is not issued, and WePay returns a "failed" notification. 

Check the credit card details, and most probably, there will be some issue with one of the data fields entered, or a mismatch between the member's address you have in VB Phoenix, and the billing details or address the member has with their credit card company.

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