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Using WePay for processing and getting an error code? Check out this article.

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Most error will be related to Payments, which will provide the info you need to correct the issue. If you received a Generic Error Code, let us know the Company Name and Code number, and we will resolve the issue for you.

Payment Error Codes

  • 2001: The AVS check on the payment failed (invalid billing address)

  • 2002: The card type is not supported (i.e. not Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or Diners Club)

  • 2003: The issuing bank indicated that the card is not supported

  • 2004: The issuing bank declined the charge but didnt tell us why (generally due to a fraud check on their side)

  • 2005: The payment method does not have sufficient funds to make the payment

  • 2006: The card has been lost or stolen

  • 2007: The card has expired (some issuing banks dont care though and we only care if they do)

  • 2008: Some of the card data was invalid (CVV, expiration date, card number, name on card). 

  • 2009: The credit_card object is in an invalid state for that action

Generic Error Codes

  • 1001: You try to make an API call that doesn’t exist like /user/robots.

  • 1002: You are missing a required header such as User-Agent, Content-Type, or Authorization.

  • 1003: You passed an invalid parameter value such “robot” for the “fee_payer” parameter.

  • 1004: You did not pass a required parameter.

  • 1005: We were unable to parse the parameters you passed (ie your JSON is malformed).

  • 1006: We were completely unable to authenticate your request (probably your access_token doesn’t exist).

  • 1007: You have made too many requests in a short time period. See our throttling documentation for more details.

  • 1008: WePay encountered an unexpected error. Contact api@wepay.com.

  • 1009: This error can be displayed to the user and generally relates to user data - long term this code will be replaced by more specific error codes.

  • 1010: You do not have sufficient permissions to perform the requested action.

  • 1011: The access_token you passed has been revoked.

  • 1012: The code parameter (OAuth2) has expired.

  • 1013: The client_id you passed does not match the code parameter.

  • 1014: IP address you are making API calls from is not on the IP whitelist for your app.

  • 1015: API Version is invalid or expired.

  • 1016: The API version specified in the ‘Api-Version’ header used in the request is not valid for the app.

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